Monday, July 12, 2010

I'd Investigate the Accuser, Too; Just Sayin'

A noose was found by a black firefighter at a Denver, Colorado, training center.

Given that there is a history of false noose allegations by blacks, if I were investigating this case I'd open two lines of inquiry, one presuming that the black firefighter is telling the truth, the other presuming that the black firefighter is a goddamned lying son of a bitch is not telling the truth.

update: This article indicates that the incident was probably a stupid prank meant as a joke, so my condemnation of the black firefighter in this case was unjust.


wally said...

The article clearly implies that someone else did it, and they know who it is, even though they use the word "allegedly" to be on the safe side. Are you sure this particular case justifies your harsh words?

Bob said...

@wally: you're probably correct, although the UPI article left some doubt in my mind. This article is written more clearly and indicates that the incident was a stupid prank. I'll amend the post.

wally said...

Racial issues seem to be a fertile ground for manufactured outrages. I'm thinking not only of nooses and swastikas and n-words, but also that Boston man who covered his complicity in his wife's murder by claiming a black man did it.

Bob said...

@wally: we had a case down in S. Carolina, too, of that woman who blamed blacks for drowning her kids in a lake: Susan Smith. Turned out that she did it herself.