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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meanwhile, At Cross Creek, Florida...

...The Yearling Restaurant, named after Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' famous novel, is for sale.

The Yearling Restaurant is a true Florida institution; I remember eating there as a boy. In addition to the usual fish camp fare (the restaurant is located at Cross Creek, between Orange and Lochloosa Lakes) it has also been possible to dine on wild-caught Florida food such as alligator, possum...and cooter. As a matter of fact, t-shirts, license plates and other items emblazoned with the slogan EAT MORE COOTER AT THE YEARLING RESTAURANT! have been popular for decades.

What's a cooter, you might ask? Well, it's one of these:

Cooter is also a euphemism. You can visit the Soylent Sage blog and see lots of cooter, although he calls it "snooch."

Anyway, the restaurant is for sale, so if you always wanted to own a piece of true Florida, now's your chance.

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Old NFO said...

In this day and age? I'll pass... Trying to get a certificate would be just flat a PITA!