Sunday, April 20, 2014

Collector-Quality Pens Made From the Deck Of USS North Carolina (BB-55).


The website if you wish to buy one of the pens is here.

The brass-and-teak Bolt Action pen is awfully tempting, but at $135 it's hard to fit it in my budget. But damn, it's a pretty pen:


Murphy's Law said...

Ya had me right up until the price.

Anonymous said...

Way overpriced. That's a pretty big deck and can make a whole lot of pens. Ship the wood to China and the per unit price could be around $35, including obscene profits.

Anonymous said...

Tree planting donation to the National Forest Foundation for each pen sold.

There's your problem. Extra costs to fund radical leftist tree-huggers.

SENIOR said...

Wow, I will pass on that.

Old NFO said...

That they are... sigh