Saturday, September 06, 2014


Small French Douk-Douk folding knife:

The Douk-Douk is a folding knife made by the M. Cognet company in France, it's a working man's knife, similar to the Sodbuster made by Case in the US, the Merkator K55 soldier's knife (Germany) or France's other knife for the working man, the Opinel. The Douk-Douk is most similar to the Merkator, with construction consisting of a blade, a piece of folded sheet metal for the handle, a spring and a couple of pins. this is the smaller version, about the same length as a Barlow or Swiss Army; the larger version is the size of a Buck 110 (but much, much lighter in weight). Because of the construction method, the Douk-Douk is only a couple of millimeters thick:

It is small and light enough to use as a neck knife, if you so desire, but, since the blade is carbon steel rather than stainless steel, it will definitely rust when exposed to sweat. It could be sewn into your belt - - or, if you own a money belt, hidden along with any coins/currency you place there.

This small knife would shine in the pocket survival kit role; it will fit just fine in an Altoids tin, with plenty of room left over for a button compass, whistle, butane lighter and other small items:

If you don't wear such a kit in your everyday travels - - why not? It can fit into any pants pocket, or, if you don't want it in a pocket, you might consider one of the fine leather pouches sold by Atlanta Cutlery:

I wear one of these pouches on my belt, over my left hip, in the same position you would wear a handgun (which, being right-handed, I wear on my right hip). Incidentally, these pouches can fit small cell phones, cartridges for you handgun (that was the original purpose of this pouch design, as a matter of fact) or even a small handgun - - Ruger LCP, deringer, or a North American Arms mini-revolver.

This little knife was only $21.15, purchased from Knife Country USA via Amazon.