Thursday, January 22, 2015

Status of CSS Hunley Restoration

Article from the Charleston, SC Post & Courier.

Working slowly, painstakingly and methodically, scientists try to learn the secrets of the Confederate submarine.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? "Secrets"? It was a big iron tube that could barely float and was powered by a team of guys hand cranking a propeller screw.

Rev. Paul said...

If by "secrets" they mean "What made it sink?", then I'll buy that.

Either way, it's fascinating just to see it mostly uncovered.

Bob said...

@genericviews, Rev. Paul: I think that in this case "secrets" can refer to those facts about the submarine that were unknown to scientists and historians. One of those is mentioned in the article, the letters on the steel plates that *probably* indicate the foundry where they were made.

Anonymous said...

What made it sink? I'm betting on too much water.