Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Prayer of the Order of St. Gabriel Possenti

This prayer is found in Rolf Nelson's mil-SF/space opera book The Stars Came Back. It's written as a screenplay, which is a bit disconcerting at first, but the reader quickly adapts to the format.

In the novel is an order of monks named after St. Gabriel Possenti, presented here as the patron of marksmanship, his unique version of the Cross being the crosshairs of a telescopic rifle sight. The all-male order of monks find their mission in ministering to soldiers with PTSD, Widowers and men who have been traumatized by divorce.

During a visit to the monastery, the book's protagonist, Helton Strom, hears this prayer being chanted, which I find quite touching:

Oh Lord, Give me the wisdom to understand what I have seen
The strength to carry on when hope fades
The honesty to be at peace and face what is
The forbearance to forgive those who have wronged me
The focus to forget the horrors I have been through
To be accepting of what I cannot change
The humility to follow the lead of those who have trod this path before
Grant me respect for those who try, but are imperfect as I am
The fortitude to lead others out of darkness
The clarity to understand the path I must follow
Please forgive me the things I have done
Give me the bravery to go where I am needed
The discipline to not be a burden on others

The novel was Nelson's first, he's writing the prequel, in which the founding of the Order of St. Possenti plays a major role. Available at Amazon.

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ASM826 said...

Gabriel Possenti is the patron saint of handgunners.