Thursday, May 05, 2016

Meanwhile, In Gastonia, NC....

Gastonia Man pees in the ABC store parking lot and won't show his hands to the police afterward.

A Gastonia man was wrestled to the ground on Wednesday after he urinated in the parking lot of an ABC store and refused to show a Bessemer City police officer his hands.

It's a shame Merle Haggard has passed, this one is a natural for an "Okie From Muskogee" parody:

We don't piss on the street in Gastonia,
And we always show our hands to the BCPD;
We don't shoot our homies down on Main Street
We like living right and holdin' our pee.

Well I'm proud to be a groaner from Gastonia,
A place where you don't pee against a wall;
We still wave our weiners IN the restroom
And wash our hands as we leave the stall.

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