Friday, March 30, 2018

153 Ducks and 11 Feral Cats

A New Hanover County, NC woman has been hoarding ducks.

Charges are still pending against a local woman who allegedly kept more than 150 Muscovy ducks in unhealthy conditions, according to the New Hanover County District Attorney’s Office.

Cynthia Huber, 56, was arrested Dec. 29 on nine misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty, one count of failing to vaccinate a dog/cat/or ferret and one count of misuse of 911. In North Carolina class 1 misdemeanors such as these carry penalties of 120 days in jail and a discretionary fine.

The charges stemmed from the Dec. 20 seizure of the ducks and 11 cats from Huber’s Watermill Way home. Among various ailments, the ducks were reportedly underweight; 80 percent suffered from an upper respiratory infection; some had tumors that were left untreated and others had broken bones, according to Skywatch Bird Rescue, which helped New Hanover County Animal Services collect the ducks and has been caring for them since the rescue.

Crazy duck lady with a minor in crazy cat lady.

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ProudHillbilly said...

Yeeeaaaahhh...And that is why I decided to only have a couple pets that I am financially responsible for and to foster. Proper care is expensive and you can't save all of them. So you save one at a time.