Saturday, November 12, 2011


CRKT Gekkota:

I'm currently experimenting to see how best to carry one. Right now it's around my neck on a bead chain; a little heavy, and tends to pull out the odd chest hair. Since many of those are white now, that's not a big deal. It might end up on the key ring, which is sort of a mini-survival kit in its own right, what with a whistle and pinchlight already installed thereon.

Thanks to Weer'd World and Feral Irishman for the inspiration.


BobG said...

I've got one, and quite like it.
I was thinking a good way to carry one is if it could be attached to a belt buckle somehow. Any ideas?

Bob said...

@BobG: Attaching it to a belt buckle would require either machining or casting, probably. Too much work when you can simply clip the Gekkota on a belt loop, instead. It's really designed as a piece for a key ring, either on the ring itself or as a fob for the ring, separated from the ring by a short leather tab of some sort. It wouldn't really serve well in the money clip role because it has too many rough edges to it.