Tuesday, November 08, 2011

WTF Did He Use, Rock Salt?

How can you shoot a pit bull in the head with a shotgun from a dozen feet away and not kill it?

The man grabbed his shotgun and then confronted the dog, which continued to act aggressive. The man fired one shot at the animal from the front porch, striking the pit bull in the head and snout area, the report states.

The dog laid on the ground for a few minutes then got up. That's when the man called police. He told officers he's had "numerous issues with this dog in the past," according to the report.

The pit bull was released to Animal Control and its owner was cited with a leash law violation.


RobertM said...

Bird shot. He was probably further away than he thinks. And his aim sucks.

Mike said...

The guys at "The Box 'O' Truth" do a lot of testing on a box of water jugs (to simulate ballistic gel) and have done birdshot testing. Ol' Painless' quote: "unless you expect to attacked by little birdies, use buckshot, not birdshot"..

Mike said...

Oh yeah, I agree with RobertM completely on the last two points, also.