Friday, November 04, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears!

Oh, my!

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) – Deputies who arrived at a private compound in Ohio where dozens of exotic animals were set free by their owner last month encountered lions and bears charging at them and crashing through fences, forcing them to shoot and kill the animals, according to reports released Friday.

They found animals crouching between abandoned vehicles and tigers still coming out of their cages. A tiger and a black bear were in the same enclosure, but the door was unlocked and open.

"As I backed the team up, the tiger came out the door and charged right at us," said deputy Jay Lawhorne.

With little time to react, deputies shot the tiger. Another deputy said he shot a charging black bear that dropped within seven feet of him.

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Mrs. Widget said...

I read the article to my students, "Really guys, lions and tigers and bears."

students "oh my!"

many were dissapointed they were one state away and could not join the hunt.