Saturday, November 05, 2011

Covering the Important Stories

Over at Big Journalism, some statistics on the comparative importance of political scandals:

How much is too much? Politico broke the Cain sexual harassment story last Sunday night, launching organization wide coverage filling up a full week of heavy coverage on their scoop.

Since the scandal broke, the political reporting juggernaut has published at least 90 online stories on further developments and public reaction to the story.

That’s 90 stories in less than a week.

By contrast, according to a good faith count using Politico’s own search engine….

…there have been exactly two stories with the words “Rielle Hunter” in them not only during the time it mattered, the Year of our Lord 2008, but still months after John Edwards dropped out of the race.

…there were only 16 stories about Jeremiah Wright the week that bombshell dropped, and more than a few were favorable to Obama.

…there have been fewer than 40 total stories about Fast and Furious since that story broke months ago.

…there have been only 65 stories about Solyndra over the last six weeks.

…and there have been fewer than 30 stories surrounding anything involving the New Black Panther Party.

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