Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Rule 1, Rule 2 Violated, and a Soldier Is Paralyzed for Life

A British soldier was left partially paralysed after a corporal put a gun in his mouth and shot him through the head 'as a joke'.

Kingsman Dean Hughes almost died when his section commander Corporal Bird fired from point-blank range during a mock argument in Afghanistan.

The corporal did not realise the 9mm pistol was loaded, according to The Sun.

Bird is getting 14 months in the brig, and then a discharge, presumably under bad conduct conditions, or whatever the UK equivalent is.

Jeff Cooper's rules for gun safety can be found in my blog sidebar. Rule 1: a gun is always loaded. Even if it's not, treat it as if it is. Rule 2: Never allow the muzzle to cover anything you don't wish destroyed.

I have a rule of my own that I cite in these particular instances: A gun is not a toy - - don't play with it!