Monday, November 07, 2011

Walking Dead Notes, Episode: "Cherokee Rose"

Hope all of you saw it. If you didn't, spoiler notice hereby issued.

1. Swimmer zombie: Why didn't they simply have Daryl shoot it in the head with the crossbow? The crossbow bolt stays in the wound, so minimal leakage of zombie smegma would occur. Then just send Glenn down to lasso the zombie and pull it up. Yah, I hear you say, but Daryl was out hunting for Sophia. He wasn't there. So what? Zombie wasn't going anywhere and wasn't a danger to anyone.

2. Daryl, Carol and the Cherokee Rose. Simply the most touching scene in the show. Daryl reveals a poet's heart by bringing the gift of a flower to Carol. Despite their age difference, those two might hook up. It would be a good match.

3. Daryl and Merle. There's going to be an interesting conflict starting next week when Merle reappears. Daryl has been under Merle's influence most of his life, and defers to him, viewing Merle as the alpha. Now Daryl has started to become socialized to the group rather than being a loner, so the conflict will occur when Merle attempts to re-establish his dominance over Daryl. Daryl will submit, until Merle attempts to hurt one of the group. Prediction: Merle will attempt to rape Carol or Andrea and Daryl will have to stop him.

4. Merle Dixon's return. Does he have Sophia? Is he going to bargain with the group, using Sophia as a chip? There's little doubt he will come back to the group in the short term, but will probably get killed before season's end. Who will kill him, though? Nearly anyone in the group has the mindset to do so, although not all of them are physically a match for Merle. Still, God made men, Col. Colt made them equal, and there's enough guns in the group so that anyone can grab one and off Merle.

5. Talking Dead web page extra. In the interview for this episode, a quiz was posed to the two guests about tactics to use in a zombie apocalypse, and hoodies reinforced with duct tape came up as putative armor against zombie bites. I've wondered myself why armor isn't being used against the walkers. I've thought that leather armor, either in the form of jackets or suits specifically designed as armor, would be effective against zombie bites. Even heavy Cordura nylon might work if it was quilted in some fashion. Hot, yes, but better than suffering a bite from Zed.

6. Next episode is titled "Chupacabra," which is the name of the Latin American monster that sucks milk from goats. That should be interesting.

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Kate W. said...

Great post, but what big age difference between Carol and Daryl (ha, rhymes)? Norman Reedus is over 40 and if you take a good look at Daryl, he looks every minute of 40 plus. Very cute, but not very young.
Carol, on the other hand, seems prematurely grey and a little frumpy, but logically, is probably very close in age to Daryl. They are pretty well matched age wise.
Anyway, like I said a great post.