Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Citizen Journalist Stands Up To NYPD

A video from Reason magazine online. It should be noted that, after several hours of standing off the NYPD, the female journalist was finally forced into a pen with other journalists by female NYPD officers.

The First Amendment in action.


Bushwack said...

For some reason the cops were sent in to clear the street. PERIOD. The streets were to be cleared. Period. If you were asked to move by PD should you move or should you keep asking WHY? You move then follow proper channels if the cop was wrong.

This is not fascism, this is manufactured victimhood. The left must be perceived as victims to have a chance of their idiocy to be accepted. The Right does everything possible NOT to be victims. Big difference and the biggest reason I'm a conservative.

Bob said...

@Bushwack: "for some reason" isn't a reason, Bushwack. It's an excuse. We have a Bill of Rights for this very situation, because the Founders feared the power of a state to oppress its citizens. Being ordered to move here, or move there, at the orders of men with guns, for no apparent reason, is the very definition of oppression.