Thursday, April 24, 2008


Follow-up to my blog here regarding the "empty holster protest" at University of North Carolina (Charlotte).

Link to the finished Charlotte Observer story is here.

It's fairly even-handed. News story rather than opinion column. An amusing line is at the end:

Solesby and school officials worked out guidelines for the protest. Participants had to give their teachers a heads-up at the start of class if they wore a holster.

The holster is guilty by association, I guess.

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Cosmo said...

Have to give a heads-up? For an empty holster? The little tyrants running our schools are relentless.

I presume there's no such requirement for students wearing kaffiyeh, Free Mumia t-shirts or totems representing 'correct' forms of political expression.

Anonymous said...

here at my school in Alabama we were told to call the police if we saw any empty holsters. what a moronic policy. Didn't white folks call the police when they saw black men in years past, since it was clear a rape was going to occur sooner or later. I'd say this is in the same vein.

Anonymous said...

Time to make some lemonade.

Just politely inform the instructor that you are not wearing an 'empty holster.' Then let them stew on that for a while.

Anonymous said...

Tell them its only a replica holster!

Anonymous said...

Heads-up? What kinda protest is that? Are they going to throw you out if you show up with an empty holster if you don't give a heads-up?

If so, that would be cool, but you might get tazed.