Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Tell-Tale...Tampon?

I don't think this is what Poe had in mind.

TOKYO (AFP) - The monthly discomfort many women see as a curse could pay off someday as Japanese researchers say menstrual blood can be used to repair heart damage.

Scientists obtained menstrual blood from nine women and cultivated it for about a month, focusing on a kind of cell that can act like stem cells.

Some 20 percent of the cells began beating spontaneously about three days after being put together in vitro with cells from the hearts of rats. The cells from menstrual blood eventually formed sheet-like heart-muscle tissue.

Combine this Japanese technology with Japanese film-making, and you could end up with a 100' tall living tampon that destroys Tokyo...

This story will be the butt of a thousand jokes in the next week, I'll bet.

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