Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Charlotte: The Usual Gang of Commie Symps and Useful Idiots

Charlotte's own muckraking journalist Tara Servatius does the work that the Charlotte Observer isn't prepared (willing?) to do:

The Charlotte Observer did a fabulous job of painting the Occupy Charlotte protesters who descended upon the city this weekend as your righteously disgruntled, average-guy neighbors next door.

They aren’t. If they really do plan to camp out and continue their protest for a year (a length of time that conveniently coincides with the re-election of Barack Obama, which is their real goal) the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department better brush up fast on who these people really are.

While there were no doubt well-intentioned, useful idiots who showed up for the protests this weekend, the leaders of Occupy Charlotte, per their own website, are following a well-known, hardcore, anarchist communist playbook. The founders of the Ruckus Society, whose materials the Occupy Charlotte protesters have linked to on their website and suggested their followers follow, played a major role in the planning of the violent, destructive Seattle occupation of 1999.

Seattle protesters did $3 million of property damage, caused $17 million in lost sales due to the violence and looting and cost Seattle and surrounding cities over $10 million, $7 million of which was due to extra policing costs to control violence by protesters.

No surprise there, given that the founders of the Ruckus Society are self-avowed communists dedicated to the overthrow of capitalism using violent means.They first achieved fame for putting spikes in trees so loggers who harvested them would be impaled. They seriously hurt several people. They were also leaders in the radical anarchist environmental movement.

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