Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More Information About NC Carnivorous Plants


Imagine walking into a field in Brunswick County and suddenly you realize you're surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of rare Venus' flytraps. And then you find out you're in one of the only places on earth where this is possible.

Newcomers are often surprised when they find out that the Wilmington area is ground zero for native Venus' flytraps, especially in the Green Swamp Preserve in Brunswick County. Draw a 100-mile radius around the Port City and you'll find the highest concentration of the fragile carnivorous plants in the world, said Sara Babin, conservation coordinator at the ecological group Nature Conservancy.

While the Green Swamp has a large population of flytraps, you can also find them growing wild in areas from Onslow County down to Horry County, S.C.

"Wherever there's nitrogen-poor swampy soil and the right sunlight in this area, you can find Venus' flytraps in their natural habitat," Babin said.

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