Friday, June 28, 2013

Something That Needs To Be Mentioned

Y'all are probably following the Zimmerman trial fairly closely, right? Have you thought about what might just happen all over the country if Zimmerman is acquitted? Mike at Sipsey Street Irregulars has.

Think about it, and prepare. You don't want to be the next Reginald Denny:


Firehand said...

Every time I see that picture...

At the time daughter was just learning to drive, and I said something about Denny's error being 'he tried to be nice and stopped.'
"What else could he do?"
"If somebody tries to make you stop- ESPECIALLY in a situation like that- you drive. Do NOT stop."
"What if they get in the way?"
"What if they won't move?"
"Drive over them. Legalities can be worked out later if need be, but you need to be alive to worry about them."

Windy Wilson said...
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Windy Wilson said...
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Windy Wilson said...

I saw Reginald Denny lose part of his brain on live TV. There's video and genuine images of Damien Williams doing the victory jig for bashing in the brains of a white man he never met.
Why is it we have to make do with a computer-generated image of the event, which leaves the door open to claims of fabrication? Where are the real images? People in LA saw this for real. My Department Manager commented on it three days later at the office. SHE SAW IT. In fact, the whole damn Department saw it. It can't go into the memory hole. And it isn't a matter of copyright or other Horse $#1T. They must be hoping idiots like my Marxist SiL won't remember, or it was too far away on the other coast to have strong images implanted.

And as for Denny stopping, tractor trailers have really crappy acceleration from a standing stop, and the perception I remember was he was stopped in a traffic jam at a signal. He was toast even before the thug mob came upon his truck.
When I went home out of El Segundo that day, it was bumper to bumper for the first mile. No running through the thug mob there.