Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Questions Arising About the Castaway...

...who arrived at a Pacific Ocean atoll after what he described as a 6000+-mile, 13-month journey, looking rather chubby and well-fed, and aside from swollen ankles, in perfect health.

The questions arise because when he left western Mexico on a fishing trip, he had a companion, whom he described as dying after the first month or so. Did he just throw the man's body overboard, or did he first resort to cannibalism to survive, then throw what remained away? How is it that he had no vitamin-deficiency diseases such as scurvy after so long at sea? Could drinking turtle's blood, as he described doing, provide enough Vitamin C to prevent scurvy? Did he find any floating coconuts while on the journey? If he did, his problem with vitamins would of course be solved, because coconuts are full of healthful vitamins.

It's a strange and wonderful story, and I definitely want to know more about it.

Update: More information as to his medical condition at the UK Daily Mail, much of which is simply speculation at this point. Interestingly, although the castaway's remarkably healthy condition has been noted by all who have seen him, no one is using the C word - - cannibalism - - yet.

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