Saturday, July 05, 2014

Meanwhile, Right Here In Charlotte...

...three Usual Suspects™ attempted to steal from an ice cream vendor's pushcart, then began beating him when he objected.

Unedited video via Gateway Pundit.

Just another day here at Detroit-On-the-Catawba.

And, funnily enough, I had a black guest at the hotel who, standing at the front desk to buy laundry detergent, tried to make conversation by remarking on a news story from the lobby TV: "Man, you sure do have a lot of murders in Charlotte."


So I didn't.

Incidentally, the news story from WSOC strongly hinted that the ice cream vendor was an illegal alien. Well, if he was, at least he was trying to earn a living. Probably more than could be said for the animals that attacked him.

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Old NFO said...

At least he was trying, unlike those ungrateful bi**hes...