Saturday, August 30, 2014

Meanwhile, In Burlington, NC...

...the local Sonic restaurant has a problem with decimal points on its street sign, leading to a windfall for a local charity:

According to WGHP, Sonic restaurants nationwide had a deal where they sold corn dogs for 50 cents each.

However, at the Sonic in Burlington, North Carolina, instead of advertising 50 cent corn dogs, they advertised “.50 cent” corn dogs, meaning each corn dog would cost half a penny.

One man decided to cash in on this amazing deal. He ordered 2,000 corn dogs to donate to Allied Churches of Alamance County.

Although the manager of the Sonic realized the sign was a mistake, he decided to honor the man’s order anyway.


Rev. Paul said...

The manager showed some real class there; good for him.

I hope the Sonic Corp. doesn't fire him for it.

Murphy's Law said...

Now that's cool on the manager. Bet the employee who puts the signs together is gonna get a remedial math class though. Heh.