Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Doing Everything Wrong

Two white Mississippi men, one of them a Marine Iraq War veteran, were beaten by a black mob outside a Huddle House restaurant in West Point, Mississippi. One of them is in a coma, and might be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. The lamestream media is giving scant coverage to the story.

From reading the accounts of the attack, the two white men did everything wrong. Maybe they didn't know Derbyshire's Rules for interacting with black people, but when they first approached a Waffle House full of blacks, they were warned by an older black man outside not to risk going in. They ignored the warning, probably because one of them, David Knighten, had a concealed carry license and was carrying a .45 pistol at the time. The pistol probably gave them a measure of confidence to deal with problems rather than avoid them. An argument ensued with the blacks, police were called, and an incipient incident was avoided. The two white men departed for another restaurant, the Huddle House, apparently not realizing that the blacks were following them. At the Huddle House they were attacked by the mob of blacks. Why Knighten didn't use his .45 at this point I don't understand; that's the very purpose for which one carries a CCW license.

So, the mistakes made were:

1. Lack of situational awareness. They were apparently in Condition White the entire night. They didn't perceive a mob of blacks to be a threat.

2. When warned, they ignored the warning. A good man actually went to trouble of warning them that they were walking into trouble. They ignored the warning, and indeed walked into trouble.

3. When police were called and the situation apparently resolved, they went back into Condition White, thinking themselves safe. They drove to another restaurant, with apparently no awareness of being followed. Condition White.

4. The Huddle House is apparently so unsafe that they have to have a security guard. NOTE TO SELF: IF RESTAURANT NEEDS SECURITY GUARD, FIND ANOTHER RESTAURANT.

5. How quickly did the attack occur at the Huddle House? Did the two whites have time to call police? Did they try? Were they ambushed (again, Condition White, totally unaware, apparently)?

6. Wrighten doesn't deploy handgun. Was he unable to? Unwilling to? His friend is now in a coma because he didn't deploy that gun in a situation where it was desperately needed.

Try thinking of this in terms of Zombies. Imagine that you live in a world where brain-eating zombies exist, so many that you acquire a CCW permit to defend against them. One night, while about to enter a restaurant, you see zombies inside, and are warned by a man outside that hungry zombies are inside the restaurant. Are you really going inside that restaurant? Then, having escaped the clutches of the zombies with the help of the police, you drive to another restaurant, oblivious to the fact that the zombies are following, and are attacked in the parking lot. Rather than defend yourself with your handgun, you let the zombies devour your friend.

What the hell, dude? Did you buy that gun just to be a cool-looking accessory? SHOOT THOSE ZOMBIES!

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ProudHillbilly said...

A Huddle House that needs a security guard? That is surely not a part of town I need to be in!