Thursday, March 26, 2015

Contest: Walking Dead Season Five Finale: Who Dies?

For all of you Walking Dead fans out there, here's a contest you can enter, the winner gets a really nice Boy Scout-pattern knife by Case Cutlery and a wrist strap hand-tooled by your humble blogger:

Rules: Here is a list of the season 5 cast members who are associated with Rick Grimes:

Rick Grimes
Carl Grimes
Daryl Dixon
Glenn Rhee
Carol Peletier
Maggie Greene
Abraham Ford
Tara Chambler
Rosita Espinosa
Eugene Porter
Father Gabriel Stokes

And no others. Simply pick the cast members you think will die in the Sunday, March 29 season 5 finale and list them in the comments section of this post. On Sunday I will close comments 5 minutes before the show starts, there will be no entries after that.

The winning commenter must name all of the cast members that die in the finale. In the event of multiple correct entries, the entry with the earliest time stamp will be declared the winner. If no commenter guesses correctly...too bad. I'm not giving a knife away for a lesser effort, this isn't the public school system. ;-)

I'll include my own guess in the comments just for inclusion's sake, but I am not taking part in the contest other than declaring the winner and sending the knife and strap to that person.

Winner must provide a valid mailing address. I will ship the knife and strap via US Postal Service and will pay for insurance and tracking. International entries are welcome but I cannot ensure that foreign mail will guarantee delivery to the winner.

Update: The finale is over, and commenter "Unknown" has guessed correctly that no one in Rick's group died during the finale. If "Unknown" will contact me at using the Google account associated with the Blogger comment, I will do my best to verify its authenticity and send the knife and wrist strap. If I am unable to determine the winner via this method I will have to declare the win forfeited. I hope that is not the case.


Bob said...

Bob's guess: Daryl Dixon, Sasha, Tara Chambler, Father Gabriel Stokes.

Old NFO said...

Since I don't watch it, I'm clueless...

Bean Burner said...


Bean Burner said...
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Unknown said...

No one in Rick's group will die.

ProudHillbilly said...

I'm only on season 3, but I've discovered that anybody I like dies. Period.

ProudHillbilly said...
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Bob said...

Comments are now closed.

Unknown said...

Winner verification check.