Saturday, May 16, 2015

They Don't Seem Very High...

...but they're high enough to be lethal to the unwary.

KINGS MOUNTAIN, N.C. – A woman was died in a fall from Crowders Mountain on Saturday afternoon.

Rescuers said she fell about 150 feet from the King's Pinnacle Trail near the Gaston/Cleveland County line.

They haven't released details about what happened, but say she may have been taking pictures.

The park's superintendent said this is the first accident he can recall from that part of the trail.

I've hiked that particular trail when I was younger, and can vouch that it's certainly high enough at 150 feet (that's 15 stories up) to be lethal. That's the very summit of King's Pinnacle. Still, it's the first time I've ever heard of anyone falling from that particular mountain; most fatalities at Crowder's Mountain state park take place on Crowder's itself, where the rock climbing occurs. It's a beautiful place for a day hike, and I'd be tempted myself to camp at the summit of King's Pinnacle if it was a cool autumn evening.

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Old NFO said...

Yeah, 150 feet IS plenty high... sigh...