Monday, May 11, 2015

Subway Worker In Mississippi Fired For Praising Murder of MS Cops - - Got 'Er!

She went on Facebook to gloat over the murder of two Hattiesburg, MS cops, posing in her Subway uniform.

Twitter and Facebook outrage ensued, and she is no longer employed. Which is a mixed bag of good and bad. Good, in that she has now been punished for her stupidity, and bad because she made herself unemployable to a large segment of the population, and is more likely to suck on taxpayer-funded benefits as a result.

(according to comments on Facebook about the story, the two Laurel, MS Subway locations are feeding first responders (cops and fire) free this week to atone for the worker's stupidity.)


Old NFO said...

And she'll blame US for getting fired, not for what she actually said...

Secesh said...

Stupid has consequences.

Paul, Dammit! said...

All these years since Al Gore gifted us the internet, and people still haven't learned.

Also, I'm ashamed to note that my first thought on reading this was "I didn't know Mississippi had a subway system."

I grew up near a major city, obviously.