Thursday, July 19, 2018

Begun, the Vanilla Extract Project Has.

I remember reading on Facebook that vanilla extract for cooking is dead easy to make at home, all that is needed are vanilla beans and a source of alcohol to infuse them in. The recipes call for vodka for this task, but say that rum or even bourbon can be substituted. I chose white rum. Here's a pic on Day One:

I'll post an updated pic every 30 days or so.


rogue14 said...

Done this many times. Works great! Takes about a couple months to get to strength, and doesn't have the deep color of the store bought stuff with artificial coloring, but yields the same result when used in cooking, baking, whatever.

Cheap vodka and cheap vanilla beans. I've tried expensive beans and alcohol but couldn't detect a difference from the cheap stuff.

Even better, once you use most of a bottle, for the most part you can just top it off with alcohol and get another bottles worth out of the same bean! Slightly weaker, but I just use a little more than the recipe calls for and it's all good.

ProudHillbilly said...

Rum. Yes, just thinking about it says "rum."

Old NFO said...

I'm lazy, I go buy it in the store, because when I need it, it's usually RIGHT THEN... sigh