Wednesday, February 25, 2009

That Monthly Guaranteed Government Check Makes The Difference

Servicemembers More Realistic About Retirement than Civilians, Survey Shows.

Military retirees tend to have fewer worries than their equivalents in the civilian world. Not only do they have a government-guaranteed pension, they also don't have to worry so much about health care as civilians do. That leaves more money available to put into savings or other retirement plans.

*clouts self on head for millionth time for getting out after four years*


Barco Sin Vela II said...

You can still go into the Guard, get recalled to active duty and get your 16 out of the way.

May not be realistic, but it is doable.

Bob said...

Barco: unfortunately not possible, as I'm overweight and diabetic.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I'm 20 lbs too heavy for return to active duty, myself.

If they send a letter asking me to come back, I'm there. But I ain't volunteering because deep down, I have always had a rebellious streak that resents authority.

Diabetes sucks. It's the one thing I fear because caring for yourself is a tough thing to do continuously.

Anonymous said...

The deferred compensation (what most would call a pension) is only part of the goodies. I stuck out my last three years because of the medical benefits. Even though we have to pay our HMO fees ("TRICARE") in order to be seen at the Army hospital five miles away, and it may be a real pain to get an appointment, overall it's been a lifesaver (no pun intended), especially with the drug costs.