Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Unspoken Reason

There are various reasons to carry arms on your person, either concealed or openly, with self-defense being the leading reason. One reason that rarely is ever mentioned is that of final retribution after receiving a mortal wound. We'll call that one No Damn Man Kills Me and Lives, for the following reason:

During the US Civil War, one of the most remarkable men on either side of the conflict was Nathan Bedford Forrest. Starting as a private soldier, he ended the war as a Lieutenant General, and was such an inventive and daring cavalry leader that he was called The Wizard of the Saddle. In addition to this Forrest was fearless himself in battle, not hesitating to engage the enemy in hand-to-hand combat with pistols, shotguns and saber, which in his case he sharpened back and front.

On one occasion after a battle Forrest dressed down a subordinate officer for poor performance; the officer went and got a pistol and, returning, shot Forrest. The general, cleaning his fingernails with a pen knife, shouted out No damn man kills me and lives! and stabbed the subordinate with the pen knife, which resulted in the man's death a short time later. Forrest, who had been wounded in the hip by the man's bullet, recovered.

So there it is, the unspoken reason that many of us might choose to carry a concealed weapon. Not just for self-defense, but for final justice or retribution should the worst happen. Bloody-minded, I know, but I think it's as legitimate reason as any other.

Tell me what you think.

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