Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Drive, Lexington BBQ

It was a beautiful day, so we went for a long drive through the countryside east of Charlotte, passing through Albemarle, Troy, and Asheboro, with a stop in Lexington for some of the barbecue made famous there.

Lexington is famous in North Carolina for BBQ, and the downtown features statues of pigs in front of the businesses there, dressed in various types of costumes. There is also a great fall barbecue festival. Lexington barbecue is made from pork shoulders only, (also called Boston Butt), and the sauce is usually tomato-based.

The restaurant we chose to eat at was Lexington Barbecue, no other modifier necessary for this restaurant in business since 1962.

Sara and I both had coarse-chopped pork with french fries and hush puppies; here's a before shot of mine:

And here's an after shot:

The barbecue was succulent: moist and tasty. Not too much smoke flavor, and served without sauce. Hush puppies were tasty, also, but mostly corn meal and although we both ate all the hush puppies on the table, we have had better pups. Fries were ordinary crinkle-cuts, standard for a BBQ house. Service at 2 p.m. was quick and efficent. I should note that even at 2 on Saturday afternoon the line to get in the place went out the door, but by the time we left the lunch rush was pretty much over.

We had a funny moment of frank honesty from our waitress; when Sara mentioned the excellence of the iced tea, the waitress made a face and said, "Yecccch! I HATE iced tea! Everyone says ours is good, but I can't stand iced tea, I've always preferred a nice Diet Coke, myself."

We'll be trying the other BBQ houses in Lexington in future travels, no doubt, and we might just go up for the festival next fall.

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