Thursday, April 14, 2011

In Which I Step Into the Modern Flashlight Era

Picked up one of these from Amazon:

It's the first flashlight I've purchased in a while, and the first of the modern small, multi-mode LED flashlights. I've been eyeing flashlights for a while now - - it seems all the cool bloggers have them - - and I thought I'd try one out, but without going all spendy and dropping over $100 for one. I'm a working stiff, after all.

I saw this one originally in A.G. Russell's Russell's For Men catalog, then did what I normally do these days, which is purchase it from Amazon sans shipping charges. It takes three AAA batteries, which are easier to replace than lithium batteries (cheaper, too, as I can steal them from work find them in an alternate venue)

I can't believe how light in weight this flashlight is. It's just a little longer than my flaccid penis a Sharpie, or approximately the size of a Boy Scout pocket knife. It has only three modes (bright, dim, strobe); no fancy S-O-S mode. It also has an adjustable beam. There is a cheaper version with non-adjustable beam. It didn't come with a lanyard, but has a drilled hole for installing one.

It's a pretty thing. I'll let you know how it performs.

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wally said...

Good one, Robert. This made me laugh.