Thursday, October 06, 2011

No High-Speed Chases Anticipated

A tragic tale of beard cuttings by rival clans in Amish country.

Members of the Amish community in Ohio are being investigated by the sheriff's department after several homes were broken into and the beards and hair of fellow Amish people were chopped off.

Four different sheriff's departments - Jefferson County, Carroll County, Holmes County and Trumbull County - reported similar incidents this week involving hair cutting, with reports of groups of Amish men yanking victims out of their homes by their beards or bursting into their homes and attacking them with scissors.

The Carroll County Sheriff's Department reported the Amish men referred to themselves as being part of the 'Bergholz Clan'.

Detectives in the area were said to be gathering evidence from buggies and horse trailers believed to have been used in connection with the assaults.

Wow, it's like the Amish version of Crips and Bloods!

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BobG said...

Amish gangs?
It sounds like something done by Monty Python.