Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Who Knew?

Well, pretty much everyone, actually.

"Online, liberals far less tolerant than normal people."

Not exactly shocking news for those exposed to them for years, but the respected Pew Research Center has determined that political liberals are far less tolerant of opposing views than regular Americans.

The new research found that instead of engaging in civil discourse or debate, fully 16% of liberals admitted to blocking, unfriending or overtly hiding someone on a social networking site because that person expressed views they disagreed with. That's double the percentage of conservatives and more than twice the percentage of political moderates who behaved like that.

The proportion jumps even higher when someone on a social site disagrees with a liberal's post.

Not really surprising to those of us who've dealt with liberals on a regular basis. Their propensity for flushing dissenting blog comments down the "memory hole" is well known, especially when the subject is gun control. Conservatives even call this phenomenon, ironically, "reasoned discourse breaks out."