Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Race Card, Wholesale Edition

Looks like the Congressional Black (Liberal) Caucus is planning to stage a walk-out during the vote tomorrow holding Attorney General Eric Holder, a *gasp* black man in contempt of Congress for stonewalling the Fast & Furious investigation.

Because that's always worked in the past as the black man's trump card, whenever he is in a corner, confronted with his own stupidity, venality or criminality: white man made me do it. You only doing this 'cause you is white and I is black. Ain'cho slave. I've heard that sorry refrain all my life, and I'm heartily sick of it.

The MSM, of course, will view the playing of the Wholesale Race Card with gratitude,since it will allow them to avoid the whole Fast & Furious scandal itself, which most of them barely understand to begin with, and certainly don't want to inform the American people about, because it's worse by far than Watergate ever was, because Watergate HAD NO BODY COUNT.

Speaker Boehner,if he were any sort of shrewd man, would have the murdered Border Patrol officer Brian Terry's parents in the House gallery for the vote, and a poster-sized photograph of Terry near the dais as the vote is taken, so that the MSM couldn't ignore it. Back 100 years ago in the post-Civil War era, this was known as "waving the bloody shirt." Well, goddamnit, that shirt needs to be waved, because spilled blood trumps the race card.


ProudHillbilly said...

Ah, but Brian Terry is, in the White House's words, just collateral damage.

Funny, if I stamp my feet and slam out of the room it's considered childish.

Borepatch said...

If he were smart, he'd have the wife of the murdered Chihuahua State Attorney General there, too.

Obviously the Congressional Black Caucus is racist against Latinos.