Sunday, June 17, 2012

Treasure Blog: Nelson's Sword

Off the coast of Turkey:

He is Britain's most celebrated naval hero and his statue in Trafalgar Square shows him with his trusty sword in his hand.
Now, an explorer believes he has found Lord Nelson's weapon on the wreck of a British warship 500 feet below the surface of the Mediterranean.
The diver thinks the sword is amongst a haul of artefacts linked to the admiral which was on board HMS Victoria when it sank in 1893.
The vessel was lost, along with 358 sailors, after a disastrous blunder by Vice Admiral George Tryon led to it colliding with another British warship as they were preparing to anchor during peacetime manoeuvres off the coast of Lebanon.
The vice admiral was a great admirer of Nelson, who had died 88 years earlier, and was rumoured to have had on board with him a collection of his hero's personal effects, which he was reported to have bought at auction.

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