Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yer Groan-Inducing Post of the Day

Prices for foodstuffs and other staples in 1942:

Aug. 10, 1942: Anyone remember shopping for groceries in Wilmington during World War II? Here are some items listed in an ad for the Colonial Store: All popular brands of cigarettes, 13 cents a pack or $1.20 a carton; Post Toasties, 6 cents a pack; Campbell's tomato soup, two cans for 15 cents; No. 2 can of Whitehouse apple juice, 9 cents; pot roast, 29 cents a pound; bacon, 31 cents a pound Pillsbury flour, 61 cents for 12-pound bag; eggs, 41 cents; bleach, 9 cents per quart bottle; peaches, $1.98 per bushel; fresh shrimp, 33 cents a pound.