Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Was Drivin' Down the Road Tryin' To Loosen My Load, Had a Crazy Woman On My Mind...

...first she tried to grab me, then she tried to stab me, she ain't no roommate of mine...

A North Charleston, SC woman doesn't much like The Eagles:

A North Charleston woman is accused of wielding a knife in an assault on her roommate after he refused to stop listening to rock music by the Eagles Monday night.

Vernett Bader, 54, of Brossy Circle, is charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature.

North Charleston police responded to Bader’s home late Monday concerning a reported stabbing, an incident report states.

The woman’s 64-year-old roommate was nursing stab wounds to his arm, hand and elbow, police said.

The wounded man told police that Bader grew angry with him while he was listening to the Eagles and watching television with his brother.

Bader told her roommate she didn’t want to listen to the band. He responded by telling her to shut up, the report states.

Bader grabbed a serrated knife from a kitchen drawer and swung it at the man, police said.

When the two men wrestled the knife away from Bader, she went back into the kitchen and found another, the report states.


She Stab It With Her Steely Knives But Just Can't Kill the Beast...

Take it easy, honey.

That's life in the fast lane, I guess. Now she's a desperado.


Rev. Paul said...

Only eagles could see from whence you derived your phrases, Bob.

Not bad at all. :)

Bob said...

@Rev. Paul: *grins*