Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Naval Base Rota In the News

Aegis cruisers to be based permanently in Rota, with the cruisers to provide anti-ballistic missile defense of the Mediterranean area.

Rota, which had been downsized over the last few decades, will boom again.

' It's a great duty station. I loved the three years I was there.


Old NFO said...

And the EODMU has moved in too... Ramping back up! :-)

Anonymous said...

So, we will have to provide a mobile ABM/ADA defense shield to keep our allies safe from an enemy that intends to destabilize the entire Med, and potentially threaten destruction to NATO turf.

And President Hamlet has wrung his hands, and dithered, and whined and bowed and "negotiated", while the centrifuges have spun, and the fuel has been enriched to bomb grade, and the launch vehicles have gotten way better.

That "Enemy" has a mutual cooperation treaty with Venezuela, and they reportedly may be building a "space facility" in northern Venezuela. For the Bolivarean Republic's space program, dontcha know.

It is only about 2000 miles from Coro to Houston. The mullah-missile Shahab - 4 has an approximate range of 1250 miles. They are working on the Shahab-5.

Of course, before there is any REAL danger, the un-POTUS will be in retirement in Hawaii.

How about AEGIS cruisers in the Houston Ship Channel or Galveston?

Just a question