Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day

I went in to work early yesterday, getting a room at the hotel to stay in so as to avoid the evening snowstorm. I'm here still, and will probably go home tomorrow morning, since most of the stuff that fell has already melted off of the roads.

Had some worrisome minutes this morning when it appeared that one of the hotel's two hot-water boilers had burst a pipe, and I was getting complaints of no hot water from the guests. I called the maintenance man to come in early, passed it down to my relief, and went up to my room and bed. It turned out that the boilers have a safety feature that causes them to dump their water when the temperature in the boilers gets too hot, and that is what occurred. Everything is fine with them now.

Update: The Crime In Charlotte Blog is reporting that there were 500+ accidents in the Charlotte area overnight; don't think that includes the ones from this morning.

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Old NFO said...

Ouch... Glad you thought ahead and did the hotel thing...