Friday, December 05, 2008

A Broken Hip - - Redux

It's been three weeks since my mother broke her right hip and had surgery to correct it. For almost a week she was in hospital, since then she has been in a rehab care facility/nursing home.

For all of this time she has still been experiencing pain that made her grimace and even groan, but I trusted the doctors and nurses that were caring for her, even though I made sure to mention her pain to them.

Today she went back to her surgeon for x-rays and follow-up visit; the x-rays indicated that she had re-fractured the hip at some point. Since I don't recall seeing an x-ray performed before she was discharged from the hospital the first time, I'm going to presume that she's been in rehab all this time suffering with a broken hip.

I'm angry as hell at this point. I've done things the way the doctor wanted, getting her on her feet and making her active as soon as possible after the surgery, and I think that course of treatment is responsible for the renewed fracture. I'm going to ask that she be kept quiet after the new surgery (Oh, yes, there's another surgery required now) so that the bones can knit properly. Rehab can wait until my mother's hip is healed and her incision closed.

Did I say I'm angry as hell? I'm fucking pissed off.


Home on the Range said...

And you should be. I know it's scant help, but here's a big hug and some prayers for your Mom.

Bob said...

Thank you, Brigid. Very much appreciated.