Monday, December 01, 2008

Magnificent Starscape

It's just after dusk here in NC, the sky clear and cold, with the wind blowing about 25MPH. To the southwest is a sliver of moon with two bright stars near it; they are Venus and Jupiter. If you read this within the next hour or so, get outside and take a look for yourself.

More here.

update: now, an hour later and full dark, the moon and the two planets are bright and adamantine in the sky. It's truly lovely and spectacular. Even my sister noticed it on her way home from work.


Home on the Range said...

Thank you. I try and hit the sites for stellar activity, but sometimes forget.

We all forget too often, to simply look UP.

Bob said...

Brigid: I have an old habit of watching the ground, both to find coins (schoolboy habit) and to avoid snakebite (rural Florida habit). Probably missed a few UFO's and other sky spectaculars by doing so.