Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The New US Navy Working Uniform


I only have two reservations: I don't see the point of sailors wearing camoflage, especially ship-borne sailors; and I don't like the fact that the uniform de-emphasizes the Navy in favor of a sort of generic military look. I have to say it's a handsome camoflage pattern, though. The same uniform in a plain dark (Navy) blue would have been perfectly acceptable. I think that some of our Navy leaders have camoflage envy.

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Anonymous said...

The new NWU is, in my opinion, a glimps into the future U.S. Navy. The Navy and it's decision to change the working uniform from utilities and wash khakis creates a more militant uniform appearance that will gain attention and respect from civilians, other branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and foreign countries. Although some may see the NWU as an attempt to look more like the U.S. Marine Corps, it's more of just a resemblance of our family. Don't forget that the Marines fall under the DoN. As far as looks go, the NWU is giving the Navy a new image. The practicality of the NWU is much better than the current utilities and wash khakis because it will help hide paint and soil that has prevented so many sailors from recieving their chow in the mess line so many times before. With anything new coming out there will be praise and critisism, but the fact of the matter is the new NWU will be rolled out and issued to today's and tomorrow's sailors. Very Respectfully,