Friday, December 07, 2012

Step Aside, Squall Leonheart

There's a new gunblade master in town.

Or an old one, actually:

A sword-pistol thought to have been brandished by Lord Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar is set to fetch up to £15,000 when it goes up for auction tomorrow.

The weapon was discovered in a collection of his possessions owned by his closest friend Alexander Davison.

The silver mounted D.B. flintlock tap-action weapon with attached 69.4cm blade was made by H.W. Mortimer in 1805.

Ben Gamble, head auctioneer at Cuttlestones, said: 'This is a truly exceptional piece of British history with a very interesting back story. It is a very fine, rare item in its own right.

'Pistols of this period and quality and by makers of this caliber do not often come up for sale and its links to Nelson are only set to broaden its appeal.

Here's what we're talking about, a combination sword/pistol:

But all of you video game geeks will remember a similar weapon from a famous 1990's-era console game:

And as for Lord Nelson just "brandishing" his gunblade at Trafalgar - - give him a break, he only had one arm and one eye. No one seriously expected him to lead a boarding party.

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