Thursday, December 06, 2012

Wisdom From France's Royal Molecatcher

He must be wise, since France has been a republic for over 200 years now and he still has a position after all this time.

VERSAILLES, France The king is dead, but the molecatcher lives on.

He even signs SMS messages: "Molecatcher to the king." It's been over two centuries since Louis XVI was guillotined on Paris' Place de la Concorde, but the job of hunting the underground rodent that so troubled French monarchs on the grounds of the Versailles palace still exists.

Its current holder carries on, business as usual, with a task that hasn't changed in centuries.

"It might sound funny, but it's serious work. My job is to make sure molehills don't deface Europe's finest gardens," says 36-year-old Jerome Dormion, the latest in an unbroken 330-year line of burrowing rodent-killers in the royal palace and gardens visited by six million people a year. "We still have visiting dignitaries too. Imagine if they were to see them!"

Not to put too fine a point on it, but that line of bullshit he's spouting sounds like he's making mountains out of molehills, to coin a phrase.

D'you think that during WWII the royal molecatcher was a member of the French Underground? Maybe he spied on the Germans and the Vichy, a sort of...mole?

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