Friday, February 08, 2013


Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector Third Model in .32 S&W Long:

Although there is some visible surface rust and some worn bluing, it's in pretty good shape, doesn't appear to have been fired much; bright sharp rifling and no scorching to speak of around the forcing cone. It has a flat mainspring and no hammer block, so it is from the WWII era or before.

This one is going to be my sister's bedside gun, since she's not a gun person and is intimidated by the only other handgun in the house, my 1911.

Paid $249 for it, which seems a fair price for the condition it's in; usually revolvers this old are in pretty sorry shape. This one was cheap because .32 Long isn't a popular caliber any more, hasn't been for decades. All the old .38 Smiths, even the junkers, were twice as much as this one.