Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meanwhile, In Albemarle, NC...

...laptop-shooting NC father Tommy Jordan has opened his very own shooting school.


The finest education in firearm safety you can get. Our classes are kept small and a great emphasis is put on proper education.


It is our goal to turn out highly competent gun owners who are well versed in the practical knowledge of shooting, but who also live and breathe safety-first. Sacrificing proper knowledge on gun safety has caused too many accidents to count in recent years. We fully support everyone’s right to own a firearm, but we’re going to be 100% sure you have the proper training to carry with confidence and to safely use, clean, and store your firearm before we issue a certificate of completion. We do not guarantee 100% pass rates for our classes, unlike many instructors who simply want to take your money and put as many students in a room as possible.

I wish him good luck with it. Maybe after he gets it established and running for a while I'll enquire about a class, but I think I'll give the local fella my money first.

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Keads said...

Come on down Hwy 74 Bob! Thanks for the plug.