Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Fighting the Battle For Gun Rights On Twitter

If you're not on Twitter, you're missing a lot of the battle for gun rights. There are more people on Twitter than on anyone's blog; even the most prominent blogs don't get traffic from the famous, but Twitter does. Want to take Piers Morgan to task? He's on Twitter. Most politicians are, including the President. News media? They're all there. Stupid leftist pricks like Michael Moore? He's there, too.

Through use of hashtags - - #guncontrol, for example - - you can follow Tweets from everyone contributing to that particular debate, and even join in the debate yourself. And many gun bloggers do so, and battle leftist gun grabbers to a standstill, usually. Sean Sorrentino from An NC Gun Blog, Bob Owens and Linoge from Walls of the City are prominent in the Twitter gun control wars. I join in myself on occasion, but these guys put in hours fighting the gun grabbers, usually triumphing when the gun grabber quits and blocks them.

Join in! Just keep an extra tab open on your browser for Twitter, and check the updates as often as you like. (The more people you "follow," the more Tweets you'll see, so be conservative about following at first).

You'll also usually hear breaking news on Twitter faster than you'll see it on TV, and you'll get links to stories that people don't bother blogging - - you can blog them yourself, if you choose.

Newbies to Twitter should be a bit slow to just jump in and start Tweeting total strangers, especially celebrities, because you can be "blocked" or even "spam-blocked" if you're obnoxious. Hint - - the more "followers" that you have, the less likely you are to be "spam-blocked." Fortunately, the Twitter Gulag Defense Network is there to help you network with other conservatives to avoid being "spam-blocked."

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Jennifer said...

Great advice! I've been known to jump into those battles. It can be time consuming, but it is entertaining and worth it.