Friday, April 19, 2013

Exciting Night!

Looks like the Boston Marathon bombers tried to knock over a 7/11 and got caught, then engaged police in a shootout, killing one cop. One of the bombers died, the other is currently (5:15 EST) on the run, armed and dangerous. One of them seems to be an Ethiopian, the other an ethnic Indian who was recently declared a missing person from Brown University. Both of them apparently swarthy Leftists, disappointing everyone in the MSM who were openly hoping they'd turn out to be white Tea Party members. I'd offer links but it's the news of the day, you can find plenty of stories out there, most of them erroneous at this point.

Update: Glad I said "erroneous." The two suspects, instead of being an Ethiope and a Hindu, are now (supposedly) a pair of Chechens. Well...we'll see. One thing they still ain't, and that's patriot right-winger types.

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TOTWTYTR said...

I'm sure it's crushingly disappointing to the left that these two turned out to be not the Tea Party, Christian, bitter clinging, NRA members that they so hoped for.

Nope, just light skinned Muslims that will make Homeland Security say, "See, that's why we make 80 year old ladies in wheel chairs take off their Depends."

Light skinned Muslims that seem to have become radicalized somewhere here in the US.