Thursday, April 04, 2013

Yet Another Phony "Hate Crime"


To summarize, a black Virginia preacher claimed that racist crackas painted a racial slur on the side of his house and then set the house on fire.

Ya know, this is happening so often now that I think we could come up with a name for it; since I am the one proposing it, I'll just name it after myself:

Bob's Law of Hate Crimes: Any "Hate Crime" that lacks a dead "victim" is probabably bogus.

Just as false accusations of rape make it that much more difficult for genuine victims of rape, so do those bogus accusations of "hate crimes" make it that much more difficult for genuine victims of hate.

In the Virginia case, I wonder if the preacher misspelled the "racial slur" with his spray paint can? Wouldn't surprise me. Probably what caused the police to become suspicious, if they aren't already hip to the bogus "hate crime" phenomenon.

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TOTWTYTR said...

I think the whole concept is fraudulent. Is someone any more or less dead because a "hate crime" was committed?

A murder is a murder, no matter what the reason. Calling something a hate crime just means that one class of victim is more deserving of justice than another.